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Annunciation Choir in 2003
The Greek people in Central Ohio were a distinct minority when it came to membership in any existing churches. When our church was chartered by the State of Ohio in 1910, there were only about 30 Greek families living in Columbus; now we have about 850 families as members of the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral.  

Toward the end of the 19th Century, large groups of Greek immigrants left their homeland to seek a more secure life in the United States. For a generation or more, these families and the newcomers that arrived from the Peloponese, Macedonia, the Islands, and Asia Minor began establishing themselves in a certain area, and they began to think in terms of their common bond - religion - and their need of a church.

Facilities for a church being unavailable, services were held in temporary quarters whenever the itinerant priest came to town. There were few Greek priests in America at that time. 

During the year of 1910, the Greek people of Columbus organized so that they might establish a Greek Orthodox Church. 
On March 7, 1910, the Greek Community of Columbus, the first in Ohio, was granted a charter by the State of Ohio and was known as "Greek Orthodox Church, EVANGELISMOS TIS THEOTOKOU".  Records of the Annunciation Church show that on August 4, 1924, a choir sang acapella. The first official choir began in the late summer of 1931. There were approximately 18 choir members. In 1933, new hymn books and chairs were purchased for the choir, and a beautiful pipe organ was donated for use in the church by the Rivoli Theater. 

The Greek community continued to grow throughout the years. In the 1960's, with a new focus on civil rights and an emphasis on appreciating our European heritage, the Greek Community of Columbus began to be proud of what and who it was. The number of Greek families were growing considerably in the 60's and 70's and they knew that they needed to have a new vision for the immediate future if they were to grow as a Greek community. The need for a larger church, a new gymnasium, a better and larger social hall, more adequate Sunday School classrooms, and office space was evident. Although the aforementioned have been accomplished, the Greek Community of Columbus is still growing and looking towards the future.

At present, the Annunciation Cathedral Choir under the leadership of Valerie Baker (Choir Director), is enjoying a membership of 56 choir members.  For more information, please contact us at:

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